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Demandez le prix immédiat pour la réparation de votre smartphone, tablette et tout autre appareil multimédia sur Montréal.

Computer repairs

Mac repairs Avec PeelGSM vous avez la possibilité de payer en 3 à 4 fois sans frais par carte bancaire.

Mac repairs in Montreal

Let us fix your Mac at the best rates in our specialized repair centers

Any issue or failure from your Mac requires a professional technician's attention. These computers are made with very high quality components. Repairs on Macs must be made by reliable, competent technicians able to handle such complex devices. Hand in your computer at one of our repair centers and you'll get the best repair services on Macs in Montreal.

PeelGSM repairs all Mac types: iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro

Réparation Mac à Montréal.

PeelGSM advantages

Express repairs within 30mins

At the best rates

Certified rexperts

3-month guarantee

Inside Peel Metro exit Stanley

Repairing all Mac models in Montreal: iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini

With PeelGSM, have your iMac, MacBook or Mac fixed by professional technicians

Looking for specialists in iMac repairs in Montreal? Need your MacBook screen replaced?Gotta find a way to receover the data on your Mac Pro? PeelGSM is specialized in repairing Macs in Montreal: no matter what type or model your Apple computer may be, call our techs to get the best repairs and a 3-month guarantee on your Mac products.

Réparation iMac à Montréal.


Réparation MacBook à Montréal.


Réparation Mac Pro à Montréal.

Mac Pro

Find out immediately what our rates are

By calling (514)-844-1109

Repairing Mac hard drives and any related issues: screens, fans, connectors, RAM

Réparation tous problèmes et pannes de Mac.

Repairing Mac hard drives

PeelGSM technicians are professionals, able to perform even delicate operations such as Mac hard drive repairs or replacements.

Repairing Mac power connectors

Something’s not right with your MacBook or Mac Pro power connector? Come see us at PeelGSM to get it fixed or replaced, parts guaranteed.

AAdding RAM on your Mac

Your Mac’s memory is full? We can solve this problem by adding a memory module to your Mac, thanks to our qualified PeelGSM techs.

Réparation tous problèmes et pannes de Mac.

Replacing Mac screens

Your Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook screen is broken? Have PeelGSM fix or replace it. We take charge of all sizes.

Changing defective Mac batteries

Dead Mac battery? Have PeelGSM's certified techs fix or replace faulty batteries on your Mac Pro, iMac or MacBook at the best rates.

Replacing Mac keyboards and trackpads

The keyboard on your Mac won't work anymore? The trackpad is acting up? Have them fixed with PeelGSM. Builder parts guaranteed.

Découvrez le groupe PeelGSM.

Quotes for Mac, MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro repairs in Montreal

Call us immediately to get our Mac repair rates at: (514)-844-1109

PeelGSM holds many computer repair stores in Montreal. Check out Our Stores page to find a repair center closest to you. You will also find our opening hours and ways to get in touch.

You can also directly ask your questions or request a price for computer repairs with our certified technicians over the phone at (514)-844-1109.

On the PeelGSM website, you can also access a form to request a quote for computer repairs in Montreal, which will be answered ASAP by